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Signum Regis 
is powered by
Steinberg / Cubase
Signum Regis
is powered by
Steinberg / Cubase

December 21, 2020

2nd guitarist found!

We are happy to announce that we finally found a second guitarist for our band. His name is Majo Sucháň and he is from Slovakia. A couple of talented guitarists took part in our auditions. Majo was the best for our band. He has amazing technical skills and a lot of enthusiasm for the band. We all believe Filip and Majo will form a great guitar team. From now on, Signum Regis will be a 6-members band, as we were in the very beginning 12 years ago.

July 20, 2020

Guitarist wanted


Kapela SIGNUM REGIS (metal, prog, power) hľadá gitaristu.

Po rokoch hrania v zostave s jednou gitarou sme sa rozhodli hľadať do kapely druhého gitaristu, aby sme mohli aj na koncertoch hrať komplexnejšie aranže a dvojsóla.


  • technická zdatnosť hrať repertoár
  • možnosť pravidelne dochádzať na kapelné skúšky do Senca (pri Bratislave)
  • hranie cez in-ear monitoring
  • znalosť nôt a základné znalosti práce s audio softwareom

Kapelné skúšky bývajú v priemere každý druhý týždeň. Každý v kapele cvičí individuálne a na skúškach sa len zohrávame. Preferovať budeme kandidátov, ktorí bývajú v okruhu do 100km od Bratislavy resp. Senca. Hranie cez Kemper (alebo iný digitálny aparát) je vzhľadom na in-ear monitoring vítané.

Info kapele SIGNUM REGIS:




Band SIGNUM REGIS (metal, prog, power) is looking for a guitarist.

After years of playing in a line-up with one guitar, we decided to look for a second guitarist, so that we could play complex arrangements and twin solos not only in studio, but also live.


  • technical ability to play our songs
  • attending band rehearsals in Senec/Slovakia regularly
  • playing using in-ear monitoring
  • Understanding notes and (at least) basic knowledge of music software

The band rehearsals are every other week. Everyone in the band practices individually. Band rehearsal are for learning the songs, but playing them together. We prefer candidates from the 100km area around Bratislava/Senec. Playing through a Kemper or other digital gear is welcome, since we are all using in-ear monitoring

Info about SIGNUM REGIS:


April 25, 2020

SIGNUM REGIS releasing “Given Up For Lost”

Press release: “Given Up For Lost” is the first single from the band’s new multi track EP that will be released later this year. After the 2019 album “The Seal Of A New World”, this is the second official release with the band’s new vocalist Jota Fortinho. In this uptempo, straight to the point song, Signum Regis once again show that they mastered this genre to perfection.

Check out the new video for the song “Given Up For Lost” on YouTube: 

Single artwork

Signum Regis - Given Up For Lost single artwork 2020

Artwork by Ján Tupý
Music by Luděk Struhař, Filip Koluš
Lyrics by Tommy König
Mixed by Ronnie König
Mastered by Filip Koluš
Special guest: David Åkesson (choir vox)

Spotify editorial playlist

This song has already been picked by the Spotify people for the “Heavy Metal” playlist. How cool is that?!
You can listen to this playlist here: or at your favorite music platform (Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, …)

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