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Signum Regis 
is powered by
Steinberg / Cubase
Signum Regis
is powered by
Steinberg / Cubase

How to support us

We love it, when our fans buy our music and merch and it is a great way to support us. However, in the digital era, you can easily get our music for free using streaming services. That’s all good, but what if you still want to support, what we are doing and reward us for what we have done so far?

There are couple of ways.

1. Become a member of the Signum Regis Club at:
You get a 1 year membership. It costs 29€ per year. You can also get a discounted price 25€, if you choose the automatic renew option.
This way you not only support us, but also get something back from us (exclusive content). You can pay using PayPal or bank transfer (with IBAN).

2. Become a subscriber at
You might prefer a big platform like SubscribeStar, so we are there too. You get the same content as members of the Signum Regis Club.

3. Make a PayPal donation. Yes, that’s also an option. Our address for donations is:

4. You like doing things the old school way? That’s also possible. You can send us a donation to our bank account:
IBAN: SK8983300000002101190666